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Avalon Roselin

Independent Fantasy and Horror Author

New Release

Like Falling Stars 
5th Anniversary Edition

A new fairy tale in which friendship is the truest love of all.


Prince Nicolas rules the winter of the Northern Realm with a frosty attitude that chills all who look upon him, until the day a warm human woman enters his life unannounced. Lost and without memories to find her way home, Ann finds herself sharing the ice palace with the prickly prince. However, her visit has a time limit written into faerie law, and a deadly consequence should Nicolas allow her to stay beyond it.

All Ann wanted was to find her way home; all Nicolas wanted was to be left alone. Though circumstance brings them together, a shared longing to be seen and understood soon ties them to each other, and it is that bond which will decide their fates.


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Praise for 

"Ahh, finally! A book filled with horror, creepy children and a chilling atmosphere all the way through – bliss!"

- Emily Quinn

"Despite having a variety of horror environments and tropes, the story never feels cluttered, and there is a good explanation for the eclectic-ness of Wonderland. The plot and setting is very reminiscent of video games like Silent Hill and Amnesia. The story and mystery is well paced and keeps you guessing."

- Sarah Bauer

"It was riveting, creepy, and a book that I would highly recommend!"

- Katelyn Koontz


Praise for 
Like Falling Stars

"Like Falling Stars made me wish I could go back to childhood and do it all over again, that I ... could pick up every fairytale on the shelf of my local library, and then add this one to the mix."

- A. N. Casey

"Like Falling Stars is a sweet, fun read! It perfectly captures the mood of the season, and it mixes fairy tale elements with a more character-focused narrative with ease."

- Jillian Maria

"[T]his is everything I think a modern take on old fairytale vibes and conventions needed and it's so good that I wish Disney would do a 2D adaptation of it."

- Jeanet Henning


Praise for 
Stellar Eclipse

"It's been a long time since I've read a book this quickly. I devoured it."

- C. Dicocco

"Avalon writes compelling, heartwarming and unique characters. ... I found myself rooting for ALL of them. ... It's rare for me to be so attached to so many characters, but in this case, I loved them all."

- Elayna Barrison

"... [A] phenomenal read that combines fantasy and mystery for a wild, gripping read you won’t want to put down. ... Roselin has put a great deal of effort into worldbuilding in this story, and it shows. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, entertaining read with compelling characters and a rich, descriptive setting, check out this book."

- Briana Morgan


About Avalon Roselin

Avalon Roselin (they/she) is an independent, queer author of Horror and Fantasy stories. They have currently written and published four books that are available for purchase wherever books are sold online. Her books most often deal with themes of establishing identity, finding family/community, and living with trauma.

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