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October 2020: Rebranding!

Starting in October 2020, "Roselin Productions" will officially rebrand to "Roselin Books"! We hope that this will better emphasize our mission to provide and support independent literature. All of our social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube) are united under "Roselin Books", so you can easily find us on any platform!


Black Friday Sale!! 11-23 - 11/30
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August 2020: Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning Release!

After we sold out of pre-order copies of Dark Lightning back in July, it disappeared from our book store. Now it's back, and here to stay in both paperback and ebook formats!

The second book in the Stellar Eclipse series, Dark Lightning introduces new characters and locations for readers to explore. Early readers are already giving it five-star reviews and calling it "better than the first book!" Make sure to get your copy before we run out of stock again!

July 2020: COVID-19 Update

Store Updates

- This Isn't the Zombie Apocalypse by Sterling Blue
- Like Falling Stars stickers
- Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning


Open, with priority given to #OwnVoices authors of color

In order to limit any potential exposure to the Coronavirus, we will only make trips to the post office to deliver physical orders once a week. This may lead to slightly longer lead times for orders to be shipped. We appreciate your patience during this time.

June 2020: Submissions Open, with focus on Authors of Color

It is the goal of Roselin Productions to support diversity in literature. For far too long, authors of color have had their voices left out in both the traditional and independent publishing circles. Roselin Productions is not exempt from this. In an effort to be better allies to authors of color, #OwnVoices submissions from authors of color will receive priority in our review process.

Please see our submissions page for guidelines on how to submit your independent ebook for inclusion in our store!

(Edited September 2020)

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