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January 2021 -

Due to continued lockdown orders in our region, we are extending the ebook sale and increasing the sale amount to 50%! While physical orders are still on hold, please enjoy 50% off all eBooks, including those by other authors. We also have a NEW eBook by another author now available: The Mist Keeper's Apprentice by E. S. Barrison. Check out our By Other Authors section for more information!

UPDATE 1/23/21: Physical order shipping will resume on 02/01/21. The 50% off sale on eBooks will end on this day as well.


December 2020 -

In accordance with safety measures being taken by our region to slow the spread of COVID, we are closing down our store to physical orders. The stay-at-home order is expected to last for the next three weeks, ending just before Christmas--as such, we do not know if we will be able to run our planned Holiday Sale this year.

In the meantime, all eBooks will be 25% off, and this discount may increase closer to the Christmas holiday.

Any orders placed before 12/3 have been fulfilled and shipped.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you all stay safe and healthy!

September 2020 -

It is the goal of Roselin Productions to support diversity in literature. For far too long, authors of color have had their voices left out in both the traditional and independent publishing circles. Roselin Productions is not exempt from this. In an effort to be better allies to authors of color, #OwnVoices submissions from authors of color will receive priority in our review process.

Please see our submissions page for guidelines on how to submit your independent ebook for inclusion in our store!


All eBooks will be 50% off until February 1!

Store Updates

The Mist Keeper's Apprentice by E. S. Barrison
New character and book title buttons coming soon!


Open, with priority given to #OwnVoices authors of color

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