About Roselin Books

   Roselin Books came into being on July 31, 2016 with the publication of our first book, ALiCE, written by Avalon Roselin and illustrated by R. Hamlin, with creative consultation from J. Rudolph. A few years later, J. Smith was added to the team as an additional creative consultant and editor. Though the roles each member of Roselin Books varies from book to book, the following stays consistent:

- Avalon Roselin is the author and lead creator behind all book projects.

- R. Hamlin is the head creative consultant and the first to hear all Avalon's ideas.

- J. Rudolph's keen insight in early editing will, inevitably, both inspire Avalon and make her cry.

- J. Smith will never run out of "that"s, "had"s, and "even"s to remove in later editing.

    Together, the four members of Roselin Books are on a mission to bring into the world the kinds of books they wished to read but could never find on bookstore shelves, and invite you to join them on a wild ride of self-indulgent speculative fiction!

How You Can Help

   There are a number of ways that you can support our mission:


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   We appreciate any and all support we receive from our readers!