Who We Are

   Roselin Productions is currently made up of four members:

     Avalon Roselin - founder and author

     R. Hamlin - illustrator and creative consultant

     J. Rudolph - project coordinator and creative consultant

     J. Smith - editor and project artist

What We Do

   Our goal as producers of creative content is to publish stories that engage readers and challenge current trends in media. While all of our books contain an element of fantasy, we want to offer a diverse body of literature that contains multiple different genres. When not planning, writing, and editing our own content, we also review books and films and share writing tips and techniques. Through our "By Other Authors" book store, we also seek to support independent literature as a whole by including other independent authors in our store to give them a larger platform.

How You Can Help

   There are a number of ways that you can support our mission:


     Buy our books!

     Rate and Review!

     Support our Patreon!

     Follow us on social media!

     Come see us at conventions!

   We appreciate any and all support we receive from our readers!