Horror, Young/New Adult

Content Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, Character Death, Child Abuse, Disturbing Imagery and Content, Gaslighting, General Horror Content, Murder, Sexual Assault (not graphic), Suicide, Trauma, Violence; Mentions of Rape (not graphic)

“To hell and back” isn’t just an expression.

As the sole orderly of Woodrow Children’s Asylum, Christopher Robinson has always done all he can for the children in his care. Risking his life in a terrible storm to get supplies was an expected part of his day.

A car wreck leaving him stranded on an island full of monsters wasn’t.

Worse, Christopher isn’t alone. One of his charges, Mickey, arrived on the strange island with him...then vanished. According to the locals, there is no way out of Wonderland, but Christopher is determined to find Mickey and get both of them home safe and--if possible--sound.




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