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"To hell and back" isn't just an expression.

As the sole orderly of Woodrow Children's Asylum, Christopher Robinson has always done all he can for the children in his care. Risking his life in a terrible storm to get supplies was an expected part of his day. A car wreck leaving him stranded on an island full of monsters wasn't.

Worse, Christopher isn't alone. One of his charges, Mickey, arrived on the strange island with him...then vanished. According to the locals, there is no way out of Wonderland, but Christopher is determined to find Mickey and get both of them home safe and--if possible--sound.

Content Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, Character Death, Child Abuse, Disturbing Imagery and Content, Gaslighting, General Horror Content, Murder, Sexual Assault (not graphic), Suicide, Trauma, Violence; Mentions of Rape (not graphic)


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Like Falling Stars

A new fairy tale in which friendship is the truest love of all.

Prince Nicolas rules the winter of the Northern Realm with a frosty attitude that chills all who look upon him, until the day a warm human woman enters his life unannounced. Lost and without memories to find her way home, Ann finds herself sharing the ice palace with the prickly prince. However, her visit has a time limit written into faerie law, and a deadly consequence should Nicolas allow her to stay beyond it.

All Ann wanted was to find her way home; all Nicolas wanted was to be left alone. Though circumstance brings them together, a shared longing to be seen and understood soon ties them to each other, and it is that bond which will decide their fates.

Content Warnings: Amnesia, Anxiety, Bullying; Brief Disturbing Content; Mentions of Animal Death and Suicide


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Cloudless Rain

Urban Fantasy; Stellar Eclipse Series #1

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Murder is no unusual phenomenon in Marina Delta, a fact former investigators Baltan and Eureka know all too well.
But when Eureka brings home a wounded child bearing the mark of an infamous serial killer they put behind bars fifteen years ago, it's clear that this is no ordinary crime.
Baltan thought his days as a detective were done, and taking on the case will mean dealing with a demon they both would rather leave behind. However, with a bloodthirsty cult mobilizing again, a child with no past in their custody, and only days to stop the most devastating tragedy of their time, taking action is their only choice.
Caught between family, duty, life, and death, Baltan and Eureka will have to decide what they're willing to sacrifice—and who they're willing to sacrifice for.

Content Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, Anxiety, Child Abuse, Cults, Death, General Disturbing Content, Gore, Murder, Torture/Violence

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Dark Lightning

Urban Fantasy; Stellar Eclipse Series #2

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An unexpected journey into the wilderness can test even the strongest bonds...

Nearly a year has passed since the slaughterhouse raid. Eureka should be happy now that he and Baltan are Azzie and Lleuwellyn’s legal guardians, but he can’t shake the feeling that a storm waits on the horizon. When Eureka’s brother arrives with news that Kwoltan Gera was attacked and asks for help, Eureka knows he can’t turn away--especially after the search for their missing tribe leads them to a reclusive Azure village where trust is hard to come by and war looms overhead.

Old grudges and past failures follow close, and they may have deadly consequences for Eureka’s family.

Content Warnings: Abuse, Child Abuse, Death, Trauma, Violence; Mentions of Past Abuse and Self-Harm

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Stellar Eclipse
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