A Book for Every Reader!

   The four members of Roselin Books are on a mission to bring into the world the kinds of books they wished to read but could never find on bookstore shelves, and invite you to join them on a wild ride of self-indulgent speculative fiction!

   Part of Roselin Books' mission is to produce creative works in as many genres as possible. While all books have some element of fantasy/supernatural/not-our-world that falls into the broad "speculative fiction" genre, each book and series varies widely from the next. No matter what kind of books you like to read, Roselin Books has something for you--and if we don't yet, we will eventually!

   To honor and highlight each book/series' individual atmosphere, we've created visually distinctive pages for each work. Hover over the "Books" tab to view more information about each of the books currently available from Roselin Books.

   Happy reading!