Mystery/Fantasy, PG-13

Content Warnings: Abuse, Child Abuse, Death, Trauma, Violence; Mentions of Past Abuse and Self-Harm

An unexpected journey into the wilderness can test even the strongest bonds...

Nearly a year has passed since the slaughterhouse raid. Eureka should be happy now that he and Baltan are Azzie and Lleuwellyn’s legal guardians, but he can’t shake the feeling that a storm waits on the horizon.

When Eureka’s brother arrives with news that Kwoltan Gera was attacked and asks for help, Eureka knows he can’t turn away--especially after the search for their missing tribe leads them to a reclusive Azure village where trust is hard to come by and war looms overhead.

Old grudges and past failures follow close, and they may have deadly consequences for Eureka’s family.


Ideal for readers who enjoy world building in fictional settings, found families, and thrillers.


Includes matching bookmark and personalized message & signature from Avalon Roselin!

SIGNED Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning (Paperback)

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