Mystery/Fantasy, PG13

Murder is no unusual phenomenon in Marina Delta, a fact former investigators Baltan and Eureka know all too well. But when Eureka brings home a wounded child bearing the mark of an infamous serial killer they put behind bars fifteen years ago, it's clear that this is no ordinary crime.


Baltan thought his days as a detective were done, and taking on the case will mean dealing with a demon they both would rather leave behind. However, with a bloodthirsty cult mobilizing again, a child with no past in their custody, and only days to stop the most devastating tragedy of their time, taking action is their only choice.


Caught between family, duty, life, and death, Baltan and Eureka will have to decide what they're willing to sacrifice—and who they're willing to sacrifice for.


Ideal for readers who enjoy world building in fictional settings, found families, and thrillers.


Includes matching bookmark!

Stellar Eclipse: Cloudless Rain (Paperback)

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