Mystery/Fantasy, PG-13
Content Warnings: Abuse, Child Abuse, Death, Trauma, Violence; Mentions of Past Abuse and Self-Harm


An unexpected journey into the wilderness can test even the strongest bonds...

Nearly a year has passed since the slaughterhouse raid. Eureka should be happy now that he and Baltan are Azzie and Lleuwellyn’s legal guardians, but he can’t shake the feeling that a storm waits on the horizon.

When Eureka’s brother arrives with news that Kwoltan Gera was attacked and asks for help, Eureka knows he can’t turn away--especially after the search for their missing tribe leads them to a reclusive Azure village where trust is hard to come by and war looms overhead.

Old grudges and past failures follow close, and they may have deadly consequences for Eureka’s family.


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Stellar Eclipse: Dark Lightning (eBook)

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